CCTV Monitoring with We Watch 24-7

We Watch 24-7’s remote CCTV monitoring service offers businesses and organisations around the clock peace of mind. You can be sure that your property is secure and supervised at all times, without the need to hire any additional security staff.


Keyholders and/or the emergency services are contacted to minimise risk. Footage is reviewed in real-time, ensuring that action can be taken before it’s too late. Everything is powered by Hikvision’s ColorVu technology – a cutting edge intelligent security system.

We Watch 24-7 — Key Features

24/7 Monitoring

Your premises will be monitored whenever you need it to be. The system will monitor when you choose to arm it. If the smart CCTV technology detects movement, our remote monitoring team will investigate immediately.


There is the option to add visual and /or auditory warnings. The remote monitoring station can challenge the intruder. These onsite response and deterrence methods can be customised.



The remote monitoring station will first inform the keyholders in the event of a breach. Upon escalation, the emergency services will be contacted. All relevant footage will be saved as evidence.


Detailed Colours

Our Hikvision powered systems are able to capture details, including colours, in low light scenarios. Accurate colour rendering and richer details compared to black and white alternatives.


We Watch 24-7: Our Process

1. Design

After you have completed the contact form, one of our team will get back to you within 24 hours. Over a casual phone conversation, we will answer any queries you might have about We Watch 24-7 and our remote CCTV monitoring service.

Our team will conduct a detailed risk assessment survey. This will pinpoint any potential security risks. This information will allow us to design a bespoke security system to meet your needs. The design system, which will incorporate Hikvision's ColorVu technology, will keep your business safe and secure.

3. Monitor

The feed from the security system will be fed through the Hikvision ColorVu software. This will also be connected with our remote monitoring station, based in Dublin.

Within moments of any relevant security threats, keyholders and/or emergency services will be contacted. Live monitoring will continue until the security breech has been resolved.

2. Install

Arrangements will be made for an onsite visit, whereby our experienced team will install and set up the system on your premises.


Our engineers will ensure a seamless installation. Hardware will be put in place and software uploaded. The We Watch 24-7 team will make sure that the system operates effectively and meets customer requirements.

4. Maintain

Ongoing technical support is available to all We Watch 24-7 customers. This can be accessed by calling the team directly.

Our software constantly checks that all aspects of  the security system is live. It will immediately pick up any damage or faults.

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We Watch 24-7 is a trading name of 24-7 Security Ltd.