Frequently asked questions

What is We Watch 24-7 CCTV monitoring?

We Watch 24-7 is a remote CCTV monitoring service powered by Dahua technology – a cutting edge intelligent security system. Hikvision ColorVu technology allows us to provide accurate sensing. Empowered by deep learning algorithms, the technology deciphers colours and details even in low-light scenarios.

Our monitoring service offers businesses and organisations around the clock peace of mind. You can be sure that your property is secure and supervised at all times, without the need to hire any additional security staff. Our service deters intruders with audio warnings and ensures that immediate action is taken. Keyholders and/or the emergency services are contacted to minimise risk. Footage is reviewed in real-time, ensuring that action can be taken before it’s too late.

How does We Watch 24-7 work?

The We Watch 24-7 team will install CCTV cameras and associated hardware on your premises. The feed from this security system will be fed through the Dahua software.

Within moments of any relevant security threats, keyholders and/or emergency services will be contacted. Live recording will continue until the security breech has been resolved.

How do I install We Watch 24-7?

The process begins once you make contact with We Watch 24-7. After a conversation between yourself and a member of our team, we will conduct a detailed risk assessment survey. This will pinpoint any potential security risks. This information will allow us to design a bespoke security system to meet your needs. Arrangements will be made for an onsite visit, whereby our experienced team will install and set up the system on your premises. Our engineers will ensure a seamless installation. Hardware will be put in place and software uploaded. The We Watch 24-7 team will make sure that the system operates effectively and meets customer requirements.

Can I customise We Watch 24-7 for my specific business needs?

Our team will tailor the CCTV monitoring system to meet specific client requirements. The system can be easily updated at a later stage if required.

How intrusive is the We Watch 24-7 system?

We Watch 24-7 will endeavour to install the CCTV system as discretely as possible. It should not obstruct the day-to-day activities of your business in any way. We use a fixed bullet camera. Visually, this resembles a standard CCTV camera. In addition to hardware, we will also place warning signage at appropriate points throughout the premises. These serve multiple purposes. Firstly, they inform individuals that CCTV is in use. This is necessary under GDPR rules. Additionally, the signs act as an extra deterrent measure against intruders.

What is the contract length with We Watch 24-7?

The contract will be usually 1 year, automatically renewing after 12 months. One months’ notice in writing is required for cancellation.

Is there technical support available?

Yes. The We Watch 24-7 team will be on hand to deal with any queries or issues you may have in relation to the CCTV system. You can phone or email the office directly.

How much does the We Watch 24-7 system cost?

We Watch 24-7’s CCTV monitoring system is customised to each client’s needs. Normally, we arrange for a free on-site consultation in order to assess the costs involved in securing your premises.

Can the We Watch 24-7 system be integrated with existing CCTV cameras?

While We Watch 24-7 offers a unique CCTV monitoring system, it is possible to incorporate it with existing systems once they meet the necessary operational standards.

Does We Watch 24-7 need a broadband connection?

No. A reliable broadband connection is great but we can use GSM if necessary.

Does the We Watch 24-7 system need power on-site?

Yes. We Watch 24-7’s CCTV monitoring system needs power. If you do not have power on-site, we can liase with our partners and arrange for alternative solutions.

What happens if there is a power cut?

The system has an Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS). This can power the system for up to 30 minutes if the power is cut, whether it is due to an electricity outage or system sabotage.